West Elm Open Now at the Summit in Birmingham!

West Elm has just opened at the Summit in Birmingham, AL!  If you are not familiar with the store- they are a modern looking type of home decor and they also feature local artist that have Etsy shops.  They are the same parent company as Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn.  I think it is kind of like Pottery Barn- but with color- and more diverse styles (PB on steroids maybe)!  And there are some affordable price ranges too!  You should go take a look or just follow along and I will show you through….

West Elm Collage from E

Lots of looks to see at West Elm

Yay, for West Elm opening in our area, at the Summit, in Birmingham!                               Before, I could only look at the online store for inspiration.  It is so much better to see it in person!!!  We were invited by Kendall Coleman (P.R. West Elm) to a “Media Tour” to preview the store and meet Vanessa Holden (Creative Director of West Elm).  I was so excited when I heard about the preview, so I replied “Yes” right away!

West Elm store front

West Elm storefront at the Summit

Then I got a little nervous, meeting all the corporate people and everything- but it was very casual and fun.  Kendall was so friendly and enthusiastic about the store opening and complimentary about the Birmingham area.  We felt right at home in the store and we were feasting our eyes on all there was to take in there!

with Kendall at West Elm party

With Kendall at the West Elm Media Preview Tour in Birmingham

I took my daughter, Elizabeth, with me as “my team” at Curtain Lady Design- that was fun!!!  Some mother/daughter “quality time” for sure!  And she is an awesome photographer I found out too! Elizabeth is also an artist- she found she has a love of painting unique furniture pieces.  So, I will be showing more of her work too!

Elizabeth and Cheri at West Elm

Elizabeth and Cheri at West Elm- Professional Shopper Look!

I have enough pictures for several blog posts- so I am splitting this up into like areas so we can see what all there is to see.

First a look at some of the seating arrangements they had pulled together.  (I can furnish my house from here for sure!)

West Elm seating area with grey and gold

Lots of comfy seating: microfiber couch, denim pillow, soft throw, chunky wooden coffee table- that can double as seating!

West Elm seating with leather couch

Leather sofa- more sophisticated! Added soft throw and denim pillow, and a glass top table to make it a little lighter.
*I want that rug!!!

West Elm seating with white table and tray pull up

Textures in the textiles, rugs and glossy lacquered finish on the coffee table with pull up tray. How convenient is this???

West Elm setaing area with pull up tray on table

The pull up tray coffee table- not sure if that’s the name- but that’s what it is! Love the rustic version with wood and steel legs. Perfect for lap top or food- forget the TV tray!

This was one of our favorites- (hard to name ONE favorite) the coffee table with the pull up and out tray!  Perfect for working from the sofa with the ipad or lap top!  The lacquered modern version is above in white.

There were lots of bedding vignettes pulled together and a wall of displays of mixing patterns within colors.  There was a nice kitchen section with some very affordable pottery and kitchen gadgets.  I know every bride will want to register here!  Also noticed that day, were neons in signs, botanicals and birds on textiles, local artist with special items made for West Elm.  Some adorable plates with animals dressed for their personalities!

Thanks again to Kendall for the Tour!!!

Please leave any comments or questions below!                                                                   Love to hear from you!



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