Grain sacks, toe sacks or tow sacks….

What ever the proper name- maybe for another post one today?  haha!

I had these “grain sacks”- just to sound all fancy- and wondered what I would finally do with them….

Well, here was my first creative impulse of the weekend- a NEW FLAG!!!

Had to take the Christmas one down and the previous one was so weathered- it got tossed!!!

So I used it for the pattern to cut out the new one.  I wanted to fringe the bottom edge so I cut it about 3 inches longer than my other flag.  I folded the top down for the pocket for the flag holder.

I free handed the “G” with a sharpie on the brown fabric and cut it out.  It was pinned on the grain sack where I wanted it to be- and used a zig-zag stitch around the raw edges.  You could use fabric glue for this part too- if you don’t sew.  I used another piece of the bag on the back side- just used a zig-zag stitch on it too- cover up the plain back of it- after I fringed the bottom and edges.

So here it is!!!

Monogrammed with a “G” and I had to put another piece on the back- I may need to put a G on both sides- as it is seen from both sides.

If so that will come later…..


Then I moved on to make a shade for the door from the breezeway into the laundry room hallway.  Seems Mr. Curtain Lady is getting modest in his “Old Age” prancing to and from the laundry room!  I know, I should be getting the clean clothes into his closet- but sometimes- most of the time- he wants to wear them before that happens!  Or he could make one of those nifty doors in the wall to his closet- from the laundry room- and I could slip the clothes right through there!  Well it’s at least 12-15 steps to go from the laundry room around to his closet door.  Anyway….that’s a whole ‘nother story….So this is what happened….

I was going to make a working roman shade from a grain sack.  So I got a grain sack out and held it up there- it covered the window perfectly and there were old brackets still on the door- imagine that?  And I punched them right into the grain sack and it stayed!!!  Yeah- the fastest custom window treatment ever!  But of course- it just looked like a grain sack on the door- so I cut two strips of the solid brown fabric, folded it in half and sewed a zigzag down the length…..wah-lah- ties for what became my “stage coach” shade!

And here it is in the stage coach stage…..


I will definitely leave it up mostly- let it down at night when the peeping Tom’s are out (supposedly)!  And the kittens are sleeping in there too!

The back side of the bag has writing on it- which is ok- cause I really didn’t want white lining showing at the doorway from the outside.  I could slip some lining in there to give it better body though.  This was really a “quick fix” today!!!

And yes there are 3 different paint colors going on there too!  The door facing/frame has the new paint on it- the door has not been painted yet and the walls have a primer over the ivy wall paper that is getting a makeover!  Our home is under going some projects- and for us being so creative- it seems harder for us to finish one project (impulse) without moving on to the next one!!!  So we are going to finish all the “started projects” before we move on now!  New year….new leaf!

Hope this gave you some ideas on how to use Grain Sacks you may have picked up recently!

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