Historical Christmas Decor is apparently of interest to me this year.  I remember my Mama’s visit to Williamsburg years ago inspired her to enter a Christmas Wreath contest at the Chamber of Commerce.  My Mama’s “Fruit Door Fan” won a blue ribbon in the wreath competition in town- and would you believe- so far I cannot get the picture to scan- because I am technology challenged!  But I will get it on here!!!  And she is pictured with it- we think it was the late 90′s maybe around 1998.

The decorations in the 1700′s, of course, were quite different than many decorations of today.  First of all, they were fresh fruit and greenery that they could get their hands on.  And they made the best use of it too!  They couldn’t run to Michael’s or Hobby Lobby and buy up all the garland, wreaths and center pieces money could buy!  I wanted to show you some of the arrangements and wreaths I found browsing around- and believe me, this is the tip of the iceberg- so to speak.  Thousands of pictures came up when I googled Williamsburg Christmas decor.  So, if these I chose do not inspire you- just take a look at the images of Williamsburg that come up!

Beautiful apple, magnolia leaves, greenery and a pineapple for the center.

A fruit cone centerpiece from apples and a pineapple topper.  This apple cone is made with faux fruit.  You can easily make yours with fresh fruit, lemons, apples and oranges are popular to use.  There are many tutorials on how to construct one of these.  A cone is used for the base and the fruit is pushed on it.

Another centerpiece using a pineapple for the middle- no cone needed!

Love this apple swag under the window!

A fruit fan using lemons, apple and pineapple with the magnolia leaves making the fan and filled in with greenery.

Wow- breath taking!  No words needed!

So pretty!!!  What is the chartreuse colored fruit???  Answer in comments if you know!

The main ingredients to make a door fan- apples, pineapple and magnolia leaves!

Many different wreaths and swags pictured here.

An updated version- with the antlers, cotton and berries!

This book by Susan Rountree is available on Amazon.  What a nice gift that would be- hint, hint!!!  Not sure which book my Mama has- she bought one when she went on the tour that year.  She would never get tired of looking through the book of ideas from the colonial decorating!

The Blue Ribbon Award winning Fruit Wreath made by “my Mama” and inspired by the Christmas decorations in Williamsburg, VA.  I am pretty sure Daddy had some part in this- in making the board to hold all the fruit and magnolia leaves.  And she is sporting her Christmas tree sweatshirt too!  Hey, I need to borrow that to wear to the Tacky Christmas Sweater party next year!!!  Haha!

Have you made a fruit wreath, swag or cone?

If so, please share it with us on here and tell us how you went about it and if you won a prize for it!!!  Love to hear the stories of my readers!  Or maybe this inspires you to do something “Williamsburg-ese” for next years decorating!

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Have a very Merry Christmas!                                                                                                            Cheri