Magazine Holder

Here’s a quick project for creating a Magazine Holder – Or you could just throw them away….

Finished Magazine Boxes

This is a quick and easy organizing project.  I love the holders for magazines and books- to organize my mess of cookbooks and magazines that I cannot part with.  I have a black and white damask holder that I had used on my desk as a manager in retail.  I really don’t know what I had in it on my desk- I mostly liked the damask print and bought it on a whim at the office supply store (a/k/a Wal- Mart)!  So recently, when I wanted to acquire some more of these, I was not finding them in the store.  I had saved a couple of larger boxes from my pantry when they were emptied- with the thought that they would be a good magazine holder/organizer when and if I ever covered them with fabric or wrapping paper.  I still have another box I hid in my closet to use for one.  *I hid it so hubby would not trash it before I could re-purpose it!  I am bad like that- can we say “pack rat”?

Soooo, last nite at 11:30- when I got a spurt of energy- and creativity- I began to make my own magazine holder from a Minute Rice box!  Now this is not just any old minute maid box- it is the jumbo size that we buy at Sam’s!  And so far Minute Rice does not know I am re-purposing their precious old cardboard box- maybe they will love the idea and send me a big ole check- wait- let me check the mail box!  haha!  Yeah, right.  We can dream.  I will probably end up with a case of rice- for real!  Then I can make tons of magazine holders (that I don’t need)!

Ok- back to this ever so important task at hand- showing you how I made this perfectly good magazine holder that I made with the following supplies:

You will need:

  • A box
  • scissors
  • marker
  • wrapping paper or fabric
  • (shelf paper w/adhesive would work too- I just didn’t have any handy at midnight last night)
  • tape or spray adhesive

I used the magazine holder I had to mark my line and cut out the side.

Then I covered it with the green paper I had- and already love that design.

And waa-lah- a new holder for me!

My darling husband said you are so creative- and I said really a “copy-cat” since I just copied the one I had.  But I am also a cat lover!!!  (All kinds apparently!  That will be for another post!)  Then he added- “or you could just throw the magazines away”- haha- never!  He knows I have a problem in…. shall I say…. releasing!!!  So re-purposing gives me a reason to hoard these magazines- in a civilized fashion!

The new green magazine holder is on the shelf beside my desk now- my cozy little home office.  (The desk area is not quite picture ready). I also put a band of the green paper on my pen cup too- cute!  Someday, I will do a makeover of my home office/computer closet and show you how adorable (messy/homey) it is!

Have a great day and go make something to organize your stuff!
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