Good Friday – Planting Day!

Ok- so I didn’t have a big garden to plant.  I did have the plants from the garden center waiting to get their roots into some containers.  I was determined to get those planted- before they died beside the garage where they had sat since last Sunday- very patient little plants they were- glad I did not get “impatience”!  *My husband predicted the plants would die there beside the garage before I got them planted.  I am not known for a green thumb- obviously!  Although, I do think that I can plant some annuals in a pleasing fashion and enjoy them this summer.  Just make sure I remember to water the things!  They do need water to make it in this hot weather!

I have heard that Good Friday is the designated day for planting.  Maybe this is why it seemed that I procrastinated every day this week, before finally getting those containers from behind the shed.  So I got them out and got my gardening tools, garden gloves and my planting soil ready.  I am rather pleased with the progress I made late this afternoon.  I will share the pictures.  So far I have a large container and 2 smaller containers planted. I have just a few more plants- probably enough for one more small container.  Then I will decide if I need to go get a few more plants to have 2 large containers.  I generally have a thing for symmetrical things, having to have one on each side of i.e. bench, door way or mantel.